An extensible data structure for massive streaming graphs
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STINGER Documentation


STINGER documentation is maintained using Doxygen.

Module overview

Everything you need to know is contained in a few header files:

  • include/stinger.h:
    • STINGER Core API
    • Create and delete STINGERs
    • Insert, remove, and increment edges
    • Get and set metadata on vertices, edges
    • Get counts of vertices and edges
    • Get adjacencies (successors and predecessors) of vertices
    • Save / load STINGER to / from disk
    • C Macros to aid in fast graph traversal
  • include/stinger-utils.h
    • STINGER utilities
    • Read gen-streams formatted data
    • Batch insert data into STINGER
    • sorted / unsorted CSR to STINGER
    • STINGER to sorted / unsorted CSR
    • Edge lists (simple arrays of edges) to STINGER
    • Sorting and comparison utilities
  • include/stinger-physmap.h
    • STINGER physical mapper
    • External structure to map arbitrary strings and binary data into STINGER vertex space
  • include/stinger-iterator.h
    • STINGER filtering iterator
    • Serially iterates the set of edges matching the user-specified filter
    • Filter on any combination of
      • Set of vertices
      • Set of vertex types
      • Set of edge types
      • First and recent timestamps
      • User-defined filter

Extra utilities can be found here:


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